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Patriots 'are a wildcard option for Ravens' Lamar …



The formerly dynastic are considered an outsider who could leap in and test Baltimore's resolve regarding Lamar Jackson
Baltimore applied the non-exclusive franchise tag to Jackson earlier this month, meaning the other 31 NFL teams can sign an offer sheet for the former MVP, allowing the Ravens a chance to match it, or reject the opportunity -- losing Jackson in exchange for two first-round picks. 
While no team has come forward with public interest in Jackson, ESPN insider Jeremy Fowler suggested teams could be 'slow-playing' the process. 

Fowler named several teams who could be a surprise active party in what seems to be an inevitable stalemate involving strictly Jackson and the Ravens - including the Pats.
'You got some wild cards like Tennessee or New England,' Fowler said on SportsCenter this past weekend.

'Teams that like to run the ball. You never know.
Lamar Jackson seems no closer to a contract resolution with the Baltimore Ravens franchise
Bill Belichick could work wonders with the dynamism of the one-time MVP on NE's offense
'Right now there's no real firm offer sheet for Lamar Jackson that I'm aware of. Teams are probably slow-playing this. The draft could be a good indicator because you have a team like the Colts at No.

'If they feel like they can't get the quarterback of the future they wanted to draft maybe they pivot to Lamar Jackson.
'The Jets, Latest News if they strike out with Aaron Rodgers, certainly that's not expected, but they could pivot.'
New England has struggled for offense potency in recent years - particularly since Tom Brady's departure in the offseason of 2020.
Bill Belichick's team has signed ex-Miami tight end Mike Gesicki, and former Steelers and Chiefs wideout Juju Smith-Schuster to a three-year, $33million deal, among others this offseason. 
New England Patriots announced the signing of wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster last week



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