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Then in the dark fear, the warrior's body, suddenly numb, two shadow assassins rushed up, left and right each a knife, and then hidden in the darkness, two assassins attack, did not break the defense. After Jiang Yan's bimonthly advanced colorful soul equipment, each has a passive attribute. Sin. The damage caused by the first quarter moon cannot be healed within 6 seconds. The damage effect is 12 seconds for believers, priests, sorcerers and gods. Waning Moon (passive skill), when it causes the target to be disabled, it cannot be healed for 15 minutes. These are two strong inhibition ability attributes, colorful soul equipment, not ordinary dark gold soul, these two knives go down, the power king is almost completely suppressed by skills. The self-healing attribute on the magic armor did not work, and even the two holes in the armor were not repaired. Into the ruins of the city of miracles, it is necessary to fight for a long time, his previous hard training, is to make their skills more, more choices, otherwise, kill this guy does not need to spend anything. After a crystal of destruction, it is completely controlled. Next, he could have killed the warrior. Who left him alone? Soldiers always need companions. For the flying Tomahawk,tile trim factory, Jiang Yan still has no fear, because this kind of attack, there is no rhythm change. When the Tomahawk is out of the soldier's hand, it is no longer terrible, even if it exceeds the speed of sound. The wings behind Jiang Yan grew out again, and his body curled up into a ball. In an instant, he dodged the blade of the tomahawk. The blood on the soles of his feet was dripping, and the breath on the blade of the axe was as sharp as it was sharp. Only delayed treatment happened again, Jiang Yan's feet, just less than a second of blood,stainless steel tile trim, the wound was collected, the speed of treatment is quite terrible. His whole body has been transformed by Suzaku Yan, and the treatment will work 10 times faster for him than for others. Repeated pain, in exchange for today's survival. Chapter 360 traffic accidents. Jiang Yan used the way of self-mutilation to treat himself, and finally achieved the ideal effect in his heart. If it weren't for some deviation in his calculation, he wouldn't have to suffer this injury. With a swing of the stick in his hand, the mutant machine beast appeared in the air, and the tomahawk drew an arc in the air, turned around and flew back, revealing the control ability of the warrior king. The mutant machine beast, however, was on the path of the Tomahawk flying back. Jiang Yan's computing ability surprised Wang Li. Just surprised. He didn't feel like he was going to die. The Tomahawk slammed into the mutant organ beast and knocked out 1 point of durability. That is to say, the lethality of the throwing axe itself has exceeded 120000 life values. If Jiang Yan is really split, after the effect of the rosefinch guardian, the aftermath of the tomahawk impact will also consume 24% of his life (new advanced attributes). In this way, Jiang Yan is bound to enter a state of suspended animation, relying on Lolita, it is impossible to stop the power of the king. The tomahawk fell to the ground, stainless steel tile edging ,stainless tile trim, and the mutant machine beast jumped down in the air, biting the tomahawk, spraying dragon poison at the same time, polluting the tomahawk, and the warrior could not take the tomahoe back to his covenanter space. Mutant machine beast with tomahawk, back to the landing of Jiang Yan side, the tomahawk to Jiang Yan, Jiang Yan jumped on the back of the mutant machine beast, ran up, the king lost the tomahawk, left hand has more than a magic sword, chasing Jiang Yan. On the back of the mutant organ beast, Jiang Yan smashed the imperial seal on the tomahawk. A long string of runes were smashed out of the tomahawk by the imperial seal. King Li immediately spurted blood and was hurt again. Sure enough, it's soul equipment, and it's bound. It's just that Chuan Guo Yu Xi doesn't matter whether you bind your soul or not. The son of heaven is angry and lies thousands of miles away. How can a small tomahawk resist the majesty of Chuan Guo Yu Xi. Jiang Yan's rosefinch pupil, directly saw the tomahawk locked the soul of the eye, the seal smashed down, all the runes in the eye of the array, and then Jiang Yan put the tomahawk into his own green bag coat of arms. Force king this just has some fear feeling, the other side, unexpectedly can deprive own soul equipment, this also got? He is thinking wrong, Jiang Yan took away his tomahawk, because his soul power is not strong enough, the soul level is not as high as Jiang Yan. This level is a talent.
His talent is ordinary, relying on the cultivation of the city of miracles to become so strong, in the end is flawed. He is a pure Aryan race, in the city of miracles by the incomparable preferential treatment, priority to provide skills, equipment, to achieve today's achievements. Jiang Yan took away his soul equipment, which was a great blow to him. The magic sword in his hand waved and jumped to cut Jiang Yan who rushed to him. So far to use the jump chop, need skills to predict and physical overdraft, he is not confident! Jiang Yan laughs, the double moon in the hand flies out, penetrate body and enter, thunder attribute attack accident is induced, force king whole body up and down electric current flashes, jump chop is interrupted. Two daggers broke the defense, and King Li began to panic. What kind of dagger is this? Its own armor, but its defensive power is over ten thousand! Mutant machine beast directed at the landing of the power king a dragon poison, Jiang Yan came forward, the sharp corner of the forehead flew out, into the body of the power king. King Li was poisoned by the dragon, and Jiang Yan's defense could not be angry, and he was dizzy. It is also difficult for a warrior of his level to be dizzy, and even if he is dizzy, he will recover very quickly. So when he thought Jiang Yan was an assassin, he was very disdainful. This kind of person is a crustacean mollusk, once the hard shell is broken, people will be decadent. Jiang Yan broke his confidence, which was tantamount to making him lose his shell. Jiang Yan also did not know that this guy collapsed, the horn anger originally had 2 seconds of vertigo time, this guy level is high, perhaps can only vertigo for a second, the white tiger really hit is certainly too late. Jiang Yan simply used the cold pool crane shadow, after freezing this guy,stainless steel edging strip, took a crane dance for nine days. King Li also knew that he should use his strength to push Jiang Yan away at this time, but one of his arms was still disabled and could not recover. He failed to crack Jiang Yan's wrestling skills for the first time, and then Jiang Yan took him to a higher place.



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