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"No!" He flatly refused and said, "Little sister, listen to the words of the foolish brother. I can't let you get involved in the whirlpool of murder in Jianghu. I can't let you go into danger with me.". Little sister, I want to ask you to do something important for me. "You just want to send me away." She answered bitterly. Younger sister I hope you can understand and understand my intention. I ask you to go to Huguang and tell my father that Peng Engong has been appointed as the commander of Shizhou Wei. I hope my father can arrive in Shizhou before August 15 to take over my duty of protection. Please don't tell me about my death date with Qingcheng Qi Practitioner, so that my father won't worry. When the girl heard what he had said, she thought to herself, "There are still more than five months to go before the meeting. Why don't I go to Huguang first and tell his father what happened?"? You can't do anything with him. He's too stubborn. He must have gone to Qingcheng alone with a sword to make an appointment. How can he do that? I have to try to inform Siming Guake and Yinhe Gouweng Wang to do my best for him. She made up her mind and said, "Well, I'll do my best to get the letter for you.". You walk alone in Jianghu. Jianghu is treacherous and dangerous everywhere. I hope you will be more careful. "Thank you for your attention, little sister." The boat docked at the Wangjiang pier, and the two of them said goodbye to each other. The girl shed tears on her mind, and with a choking treasure, she held back her sadness and strode away. Junke's boat set sail again and headed for Pengze County. One hundred and twenty miles away from Pengze, Madang Mountain lies across the river. The river wind is blocked by the mountains, forming a violent return wind and turbulent waves. The canoe was under sail, and tossed violently in the rough waves, which were very dangerous. As soon as I rounded the spur, I saw five medium-sized cargo ships colliding with each other at full speed in the surging waves in the distance upstream. The shadows were flying like thunder, and the screams were soul-stirring. Jun Ke saw at a glance that it was the hero on the water who was fighting for his life. He shouted to the boatman, "Get to the shore and take shelter first." The five boatmen were so frightened that they didn't have to shout. They had already pulled the boat to the south bank desperately. Around here to the left, although the wind and waves are fierce, the water should be high, but it is easy to paddle. The boat swayed in the wind and waves, and the river splashed the deck wet. It was not easy to get to the shore, and all the people breathed a breath. The official road passes through the south of Madang Mountain,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, where it turns south by the river. Coincidentally, two figures appeared on the official road. The boat was no more than ten feet from the shore, and you could see at a glance that the two of them were Master Dujian Qingtian and Master Shuangwei Scorpion. The two-tailed scorpion's eyesight was good enough to see that the young man on the deck was Junke. Suddenly he stopped and shouted, "Brother Lin, how are you?" Jun Ke also shouted in a loud voice, "Are you brother Li Hui and elder Feng?"? Xiao Ke has just come from Lei Chi Gui Zhou. "Oh!"! Did Brother Lin save the two girls? "Exactly.". What happened to the two Chizhou? "The bastards have all slipped away, and they are working hard with the men of the Silver Sword White Dragon along the way, making a lively scene.". Yu Zifei, the God of the Three Jiao of the Yangtze River, lost the wind on the Dongliu River and capsized in the sewer. Hundreds of heroes died, and hundreds of dogs of the Black Dragon Gang were killed and wounded. "Why do they want black to eat black?" Junke asked in surprise. Eh! You don't know? "Xiao Ke doesn't know anything about it. Brother Lihui, can you tell him?" "They are for the sake of the oil and water on the eleven official ships sailing from Chizhou, so that they are incompatible with each other.". Brother Lin, 304 Stainless Steel Pipe ,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, if you're interested, why don't you go and open your eyes? Said to be for the sake of the eleven official ships, Junke was taken aback and asked, "Where are they going to do it?" "Near Sangluozhou in the lower reaches of Jiujiang, the official ship arrived there at about the beginning of the fifth watch." "Shit!"! It's too late. Junke called with a change of color. In time, if by boat, nature is too slow, from here by land, four more days can arrive at Jiujiang House. —— Junke suddenly came to his senses and shouted to the boatman, "Dock, quickly." The canoe sailed swiftly to the shore, five or six feet apart. Junke had leapt ashore and saluted to the sky, saying, "Xiao can go first. Forgive me." The sound falls, the person is like the star to fly the electricity to shoot, the instant is far away twenty or thirty Zhangs to go. Dujian Qingtian was startled and said, "Li Hui, this young man's flying skill is extraordinary and holy.". Terrible. "Master, if he is not our enemy, he is not to be feared." Lihui answered casually. He came and went in a hurry, not knowing what he had to do? Incomprehensible.
” "Perhaps for the sake of the eleven official ships." "Nonsense, this young man is not this kind of person, we chase." Said to chase, master and disciples like a strong arrow from the string, let go of the foot to rush, but more and more far, three or five miles later, the front has not seen the back of Junke. The more the master and disciples pursued, the more frightened they became, and they were overwhelmed by Junke's accomplishments. In the city of Jiujiang, a group of heroes gathered, and friends from Jianghu came, and friends from both sides swarmed in. However, Silver Sword White Dragon was recovering in a big boat beside Sangluo Island, not in Jiujiang Mansion. The person who received his friends in Jiujiang Mansion was his father, Cold Wind Palm Cold Peinian, and his brother, Black Tiger Tao Gao. Black Tiger Tao Gao is one of the three big families in Jiujiang. His ancestral home is in the north of Guniuling. In his early years, Li Beard rebelled in Jingxiang. This guy was a vicious thief and accomplice. Li Beard was defeated. He slipped away quickly. Fortunately, he escaped with his life and hid at home to avoid disaster. Black Tiger Tao Gao and Golden Knife Sang Ye are close neighbors. The two sides have a deep friendship. In addition, Golden Knife Sang Ye and Cold Wind Palm have a friendship of eight respects. Moreover, Cold Wind Palm is a red man under the Thousand Hands Tathagata. With the two of them,304 stainless steel wire, the event is settled. The reception office of the Tao family in Guniuling is responsible for welcoming and seeing off the first-class heroes in Jianghu, so it is very secret. Although the three demons in the west of Zhejiang had great magical powers, they still failed to find out the nest of the black tiger. sxthsteel.com



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